Graham plays Carvin 7 string guitars. These are top quality custom instruments of far better quality than the usual Gibson, Fender and Ibanez's you'll normally see. He has two DC747's and a pair of DC727's and each one is equipped with handwound pickups to suit any musical occasion that may arise. Other enhancements include custom made brass sustain blocks and cryogenically treated potentiometers. Graham is a Newtone Strings artist and uses a custom 7 string set.

Graham has recently added a 7 string strat to his collection. This combines the flexibility of a 7 string instrument with authentic stratocaster tones. Only a 22 fret bolt on neck with single coils can truely reproduce the sounds heard on so many classic hits.

He also plays a custom 6 string strat style guitar occasionally and for acoustic gigs plays a series I Faith Venus.

Graham has a variety of amp rigs to suit any venue size and style of music. His collection includes Bogner's, Marshalls, custom built valve amplifiers as well as a large collection of pedals and processor units.